So many books. So few readers. Time for a reality check.

So many books. So few readers… With that in mind, it’s time for a reality check.

Ever go into a bookstore, or on to Amazon, and look at all the books available: 99.999999999999999% (or more!) of which you will never read! Those are the odds, against you. Those are the odds that you are facing when you write and self-publish your book (or have it published). I am not saying that you should not write in the face of those odds; I am saying that you should understand what you are up against!

With that in mind, beware of the companies that charge you thousands of dollars to publish your book. Even if their price includes some ‘marketing’, the chances of you making much, even any, of your money back is slim, less than slim. If you have money to burn, no problem: burn it. But if you are struggling financially, think twice, and then think again.

If you have time to burn, as I do, you can learn how to self-publish your own book–at no cost. Many of the self-publishing sites will let your publish print and e-book versions of your book, and even present you with a guide to create your cover.

But before you think about publishing your book, write it, edit it and proofread it (or have it proofread). Once that is done, search these no-cost publishing sites: Amazon KDP. Kobo Writing Life. D2D. And Google Play (print, e-book and audio book). You can get your book into a myriad of online retailers with D2D, including Amazon and Kobo.

You can also use Ingram Spark, a division of Ingram, a major book distributor. Ingram Spark will get your book into many book retailers, as well (don’t use D2D and IS). There is a modest fee to use IS, plus a small annual catalog listing fee.

I use the KDP and Kobo sites because I earn a bit more going with them directly rather than going with them through D2D. But I use D2D to get into many other sites.

If you want to see how I market my books online, and see how many versions of my books are available, go to and click on different books.

No matter how you go about it, all the best in your publishing process!


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