Growth of ebooks and indie authors

According to Publisher’s Weekly: Ten years ago, e-books accounted for less than 1% of the trade book market. Today, e-books account for about 25% of dollar sales and 40%–50% of units. Although the rate of growth has slowed for e-books, the affordability and accessibility of digital will continue to erode print readership.

In addition, indie authorship has become a global cultural movement. Writers are drawn to e-book self-publishing for the total creative control, faster access to global markets, and pricing and promotion flexibility. Writers retain all rights while earning 60%–80% of the list price as their e-book royalty. Traditionally published e-book authors earn only 12%–17%.

Every week, indie e-books top retailer bestseller lists, and hit the USA Today and New York Times lists. Indies will continue gaining digital market share as they pioneer tomorrow’s best practices for pricing, production, and promotion.

While I have never topped a bestseller list, I self-publish all my book in print and electronic format. The print books are print on demand, through Lightning Source  (now Ingram Spark for new indie authors) or Create Space. That way I don’t have to carry any inventory at all.

You can read about my books, and see where I sell them, here.

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