Unblock Writer’s Block – Introduction

Excerpt from Unblock Writer’s Block

There is no such thing as writer’s block. How do I know? I know that there is no such thing as writer’s block because I have a dog.

If you are feeling a tad quizzical right now, please stick with me.

As a writer, I live a rather sedentary life. I don’t jog, lift weights or go to a fitness club. Basically, I don’t exercise. But I do try to walk thirty minutes every day to counter my sedentary life. Notice the word try. I am what you might call a fair weather walker. I walk when the weather is pleasant. I don’t walk in rain, sleet, hail or snow. Or when it’s too hot or too cold. If the weather is not fair, I have what might be described as walker’s block.

Then my wife got a dog, a Giant Schnauzer named Kohl. We don’t have a fenced in backyard and Kohl has to be walked twice a day. My wife walks him in the morning; I walk him in the afternoon. No matter the weather—rain, sleet, hail or snow, incredibly hot or incredibly cold—I’ve walked my dog every afternoon for the last twelve years.

In short, we have a dog and I no longer have walker’s block.

The same principle applies to writer’s block. You might think you have writer’s block. What you lack is a dog, or the writer’s equivalent of a dog.

I am not playing down what one feels when one wants to write and isn’t. And I am not dismissing severe bouts of depression or anxiety that may inflict some writers, (or anyone pursuing any art, craft or profession). But in the vast majority of cases, most of us who want to write are able to write—if we have a dog, or the writer’s equivalent. And this book is filled with dogs—writing exercises that will get you started and keep you writing.

Excerpt from Unblock Writer’s Block


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