Is self-publishing worth it?

I am a freelance writer (and writing trainer). I earn about $10,000 a year from my non-fiction books. For some writers using traditional publishers, that would not be nearly enough. For others, that would be an amazing amount. We can’t all earn the same. All I know is I earn on 200 books what a traditional publisher would have paid me if they had sold 1,000 books. I’ve sold 10,000 books. So I am pleased. If a traditional publisher made me an offer that made sense, I’d think about it. For most of us who write that isn’t going to happen — we’re not going to get offers.

I’ve put together books for speakers and other business people who wanted a book to sell at events or wanted to boost credibility. I’ve helped friends who wanted a book to give to family and friends…. So you have to know why you want to self publish before you embark on the journey. It really isn’t for every writer; it is for many writers.

FYI: 50 Shades of Grey (no matter what you think of the book) was self-published originally; I know a self-published romance writer who sold 10,000 books in a year. It takes work to make money self-publishing books, but it can be done.

In short, self-publishing can be worth it. A lot depends on what you want to get out of self-publishing your book and/or e-book.

I will be conducting an introduction to self-publishing webinar on Nov.8. More information is available here:

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