Recommended books for the reader on your Christmas list – or for you!

Here are my suggested books for the reader on your Christmas list, or for you if you are looking for something to read:

Still Foolin’ ‘Em – Billy Crystal – Hilarious. If you like funny books, you will love Billy Crystal’s biography. You will learn about Billy, and you will laugh, laugh, laugh.

Insane City – Dave Barry – Also hilarious. If you liked The Hangover (the funny first movie, of course), you will like this book. A couple is engaged to be married in Miami and over three days anything that can go wrong goes wrong — to hilarious effect. I laughed, and then I laughed, and then I laughed some more.

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green – This is the most uplifting sad book I’ve ever read. Be prepared for tears; be prepared to feel good. It is technically young adult fiction, but it’s YA fiction any adult will love.

Crow Lake – Mary Lawson – A gripping family drama. Exceptionally well written with a family you care about. The parents of three children who live on the outskirts of a small town die in an accident. This book is about the children’s struggle — with each other and their attempt to stay together.

ZAP: Confessions of a Channel Changer — Simon P – Not for the faint of heart. Seriously. This novel is presented as a study of someone who had a rough, very rough, childhood. And grows to cause others to have rough, very rough, lives. Explicit writing. Kindle or Paperback only from Amazon –

– The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, #1-5) – Douglas Adams. Hilarious. This satire of life, the universe and everything will keep you laughing from start to finish — if you like satire, that is. Adams is sadly missed.

– 419 – Will Ferguson – For a book to make you feel sympathetically towards a Nigerian email scammer, the book must be exceptionally well written. And this book is just that. There are three threads to the story. Don’t be impatient. Enjoy each one. They all come together, and come together very well indeed.

–  The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared –  Jonas Jonasson, If you liked Forrest Gump, you will like this book. The main character has a Gump like innocence, but he’s 100 years old, and he has an underlying intelligence as he move through life accidentally influencing a century of world affairs.

– Crossing to Safety – Wallace Stegner – I discovered Stegner about two years ago and have read four of his books. Although I have a few problems with the end of this book, Stegner is a spectacular writer. I’ve read the book twice and suspect I will read it again. When my wife asked me what the book was about, I said “a couple who are friends for a long time.” She laughed and wasn’t going to read it. I suggested that she read the first chapter and decide. She too has now read it twice.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn – This book is a murder mystery. Or is it? I guess you will just have to read it to find out. If you like the murder mystery genre, you will love this book with its twist and turns and brilliantly developed main characters.

The Litigators – John Grisham – Just so you know, I am not a Grisham fan. This book works.  It is funny and filled with three dimensional characters. If it was not anchored by a legal story, you wouldn’t even know it was a Grisham book. (That’s meant as a complement!)

– OK, if I am allowed to be a little self-promotional, Paul Lima (yours truly) has a dozen books for the business writers, copywriters, freelance writers and aspiring writers on your list – print, Kindle and ePub (Kobo, Sony Read, and so on) – http;//

Enjoy the holidays, folks!




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