Shoot all 5 arrows in your marketing quiver

[Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing —

This blog post applies primarily to freelance writers who want to conquer corporate writing markets.

We have at least five arrows in the marketing quiver, including:
1. Generate repeat business, testimonials, and referrals.
(see full blog post –
2. Network with friends, relatives, associates; through organizations.
3. Advertise and promote.
4. Cold calling and direct mail.
5. Online strategies (website, blog, and social media)

Most businesses—large, medium, or small—have the same five arrows. What a marketing plan allows you to do is shoot them all in a planned and systematic manner to generate new and repeat business. That’s the key to any successful marketing campaign: implementing the marketing tasks that support your business objectives in a planned and systematic manner.

A planned and systematic manner doesn’t mean you can’t wake up one day feeling inspired and try something spontaneous. Occasionally, I shoot off one or two marketing arrows when ideas strike me. I wake up most days, however, knowing what I am going to do and why.

Why so many marketing elements?
Seldom does a writer who wants to conquer corporate markets send out one pitch or make one call and strike it rich. You cannot control the needs of prospects, but you can let them know you will be there when the need arises. You use multiple marketing strategies because it can take weeks or months for any one company to get back to you. It all depends on when, and whether, the need for your service materializes. So unless you have one client keeping you busy on a full-time basis (I think that is called “a job”), you have to shoot multiple marketing arrows.

Marketing is a numbers game. We want to improve your chances of winning the game. We do this by producing effective marketing material, targeting prospects based on our business plan, and getting our marketing information out there using a variety of means.
Not every arrow in the marketing quiver will hit the target every time you shoot it, but if you are not taking shots—if you let your fears, or procrastination, hold you back—you will never hit the target.

So, remind yourself that you are in business, and start marketing as though it matters. Because if you are in business, marketing does matter. Which is why you need a marketing plan. And building the marketing plan, one step at a time, is what we will do over the next few chapters.

(Future blog posts will look at each arrow in the quiver in greater detail. See full blog post on generating repeat business:

[Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing

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